Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Google is fun and also scary

I hope no-one tries to find this site via Google.  

For one, you won't actually find my site on Google, at least not yet.  That would involve people actually looking at it.

Also, this, which my girlfriend kindly pointed out:

Thought the first sign of labour would have been pretty obvious, but obviously some people failed their pre-natal classes!

I think this list gives you a scary insight into the mindset of your average Google user :D

... though I am kind of disappointed that "first sign of the lolcat apocalypse" isn't on the list.


  1. Haha, LOVE the Google list, esp first sign of labour!


  2. Hehe, nicely snuck in ad there Kat ;)

    I should put your blog on a list of awesome blogs somewhere on my page, I think I can do that :)

  3. Google is scary. Full stop. And also magic