Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I'm still alive!

Wow.  Just when I thought life couldn't get any busier.  Apparently moving takes a lot of time and effort.  As well as helping with a wedding.  And having three jobs.  And (still) doing a PhD.  And playing two gigs in four days - the second of which went four times longer than originally planned o.O

On the upside, we have a shiny new place (now just to unpack, grumble), money is starting to come in, and finally - finally - things are starting to settle into a routine once again.

Of course, now that things are getting less hectic I'm finding more things to fill the time with - Dave, now a married man, is finally getting the chance to get back onto my EP, so hopefully more work will be done on that soon!  And The Solution is back, and will hopefully soon be rehearsing regularly for the next gig, whenever that may be!

Seeing as I don't really have much exciting to show you, I'll show you something tangentially related to what I'm doing at work at the moment.  Reaction-diffusion modelling, which I'm working on now, uses a series of mathematical equations to determine the distributions of things in space - and depending on what you plug into it, some interesting things can happen!  Alan Turing (after whom these Turing Patterns were named) found that the patterns on leopards and jaguars are the result of chemical reactions that are modelled by such reaction-diffusion equations.  It's another example of how maths can - as well as helping us understand how things work - actually be aesthetically pleasing, which I love :)


  1. So pretty!!!

    Love it when science is cool *and* pretty!

    Yay for new place. I always enjoy moving, discovering new places for things and rediscovering the things you forgot you had!

  2. You *enjoy* moving? Crazy person!

  3. But you knew this already...

  4. I see a closer with a backdoor saying come out and play.

    ... wait, this isn't an ink-spot test?