Monday, April 9, 2012


Well, we finally went out and got ourselves a cat. We'd been wanting one for a while but what with finishing a PhD thesis and living in a no-pets apartment block near the university, it was obviously going to have to wait until things were a bit more settled. And now they are! 

We got her within a week of the landlord giving their permission - we were unsure whether to get a kitten or a full-grown cat but when we met her at the RSPCA it became quickly clear what our choice was going to be.

Her name is Minnie and like any kitten she only has two modes - asleep or all over the place. As someone who hasn't had much experience with pets at home since I was quite little, I was worried about the responsibility of looking after another lifeform, but it's really not all that difficult - make sure there's always food and water, that the litter tray isn't looking too horrifying, and make sure she doesn't get into anything she shouldn't (by far the hardest part), and we have a happy, well-adjusted kitten to keep us company and keep us entertained!

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