Monday, August 20, 2012

Locked and loaded

At long last, my EP is done and dusted*. All that's left to do now is get ready to show it to people, which means a launch party! I've booked a venue, organised a support act, burned the music onto CDs, printed CD labels, cajoled my friend and co-star Ariel into providing art, sent away to get CD sleeves printed... I've never been much of an organiser, but somehow it's coming together. I won't say putting this thing together took nearly as much work as my PhD did, but it's taken almost as long - and strangely means almost as much, though in a different way. When I first came to Hobart five years ago, doing something like this was no more than a far-flung fantasy - I could barely manage to sing in front of my friends, let alone record something that anyone might happen upon! It's only been through the support and enthusiasm of my family and friends (you all know who you are!) that I've been able to believe that my voice and my words are something that people might want to hear. Even now it amazes me that people are interested in my stuff - but because they are, I wrote it, because I knew that somebody would want to hear it!

The launch party will be on Saturday, 15th September at Brookfield Margate - we'll most likely be kicking things off around 7pm with Vino (consisting of good friends David McEldowney and George Begbie), and then I'll be taking to the stage with The Solution to play songs for you (and hopefully sell some EPs!). Stay tuned for more info as I get it organised!

The EP will be released under a Creative Commons licence - in short, it means that once you've bought it you can distribute it around as much as you like as long as you give me credit, don't sell it, and share it under the same conditions! Of course, I would love it if you bought my EP - and it'll be available online on after the launch date for those ascetics who don't believe in the whole "physical objects" thing** - but I'll be just as happy if you listen to it on my blog, enjoy it and share it around with your friends*** :)

So, in the spirit of sharing, here's a third track from the EP for you to listen to - it's called The Garden, and it's the closest thing to a love song I've ever written, dedicated to my girlfriend. Aww. Enjoy!

* Also, I changed the name. I'm indecisive >_>
** Except for a computer, of course. Let's not get crazy here!
*** And maybe they'll buy it, seeing as you won't. Stingy bastard. (kidding!)

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