Monday, July 22, 2013

Crappy days

Some days you just know are going to be long and painful. I have a few strategies to survive mine:

1. Sugary substances

Chocolate in any form is always appreciated, but on cold, miserable winter days a nice warming hot chocolate or Milo (link for those not in Milo-drinking countries) can make it all seem a little better.

2. Cute things on the internet

It's an internet cliche because it works - my girlfriend (who now has a blog!)  is usually my main source of such links. However, I always keep this one on standby for particularly bad days - it takes a cold soul indeed not to find this one cute:

3. Puzzles

When it's hard for me to concentrate on things I should be actually working on, I sometimes find doing some puzzles a good way to keep my brain ticking over. My current favourite is Project Euler (warning - non-programmers will really struggle!)

4. Music

I'm regularly surprised by how much music can help turn a mood around or focus the energies - I've never been much of an electronica fan, but iriXx's work has given me some of my most productive afternoons. I tend to listen to the same music over and over again before moving on to another artist - one on my current high-rotation list is Tasmanian act Enola Fall.

5. Writing

Sometimes it's good just to blow off some steam - as screaming in my office would probably cause some distress in my nearby colleagues, writing things down is a little safer. Chatting to friends online, writing blog posts, writing out to-do lists and plans - it all helps!

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