Monday, April 21, 2014

DIY animal surveys (part 2)

So after the success of my first forays into using motion detection to film the neighbourhood cats, I thought maybe I'd get a little bolder and set up the equipment next to the house. I originally decided against this because I thought any cats (especially kittens) would be scared off by the proximity to light and humans, but considering how bold the last one was, it'd be worth a try!

The next morning, a quick perusal of the food bowl suggested that nothing had been eaten, so I wasn't feeling particularly optimistic as I went to review the footage - yet again, I needn't have worried. This time I picked up not one, but two feline feeders, obviously working together:

After their first joint perusal of the offerings on display, they individually came back to the bowl...

... and laptop...

... again...

... and again - often looking around curiously at objects (or potentially off-screen cats) as they did so.

The black cat was evidently the wilier of the two - while the above photos were all taken in the space of five minutes, it returned a couple of hours later apparently having ditched its companion to see if any tastier food had magically appeared in the bowl that it could have for itself.

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