Monday, January 24, 2011

Who needs drugs?

Right, I'm almost entirely confident that was the strangest night sleep I've ever had.

Dream 1: Dreamt I was in a really bad screaming argument.  Realistic enough that I woke up in a cold sweat at 5am, took me over an hour to get back to sleep.

Dream 2: I'd moved house into a residential college, except my college "room" was an entire apartment, with a room in it that was completely full of randomly arranged beds of different sizes. I remember thinking "awesome, the friend who I offered to stay over at my place (which happened in real life) will have heaps of room now".

Dream 3: Had a dream within a dream (this is not the first or most complicated of these dreams I've had) in which I was very ill and throwing up in bed, then "waking up" from that dream to do pretty much the same thing.  Realistic enough that I dragged myself into consciousness, actually waking up (about 7:30am) to make sure I hadn't actually thrown up while dreaming of myself throwing up.  And to make sure I wasn't just dreaming of myself waking up to check.

Dream 4: I watched Powderfinger play cricket - the band members who weren't playing chatted with me about music. Except the pitch was maybe 2 metres long, and it basically just involved the bowler hurling the ball at the batsman.

Dream 5:  I was in a movie.  For some reason I wasn't actually aware of being in the movie - I thought it was real.  The fact that there were ad breaks in the dream involving discussions of said movie should probably have tipped me off.  The plot of the movie involved me thinking that I was in someone else's elaborate dream in the movie (and it was elaborate, I just can't remember all the details), but it turned out they were in mine.  And once I worked this out, and that I was in a movie, I woke up.


If I could go back to sleep, I suspect I'd dream up an awesome plot for Inception 2.


  1. Was about to make an Inception comment :)

    ... and now this comment adds nothing at all.

    .... So, how are ya?

  2. Epic night!

    I expect and Inception 2 script in my inbox by 5:30pm Friday!!!

    Dreams within dreams are freaky...never know what's going on!!!

  3. Try dreams within dreams within dreams... yes, I've had this happen o.O