Friday, January 14, 2011

Happenings in music

Hi all!

I have a gig on Sunday week at Irish Murphy's, my fourth solo gig, and I'm excited about it!  There will be:

  • New songs!
  • Unprecedented levels of audience participation! (hopefully - don't let me down, you bastards)
  • Tortured nautical metaphors!
  • Hats!

and much much more!

I hope people can make it - tell your friends, but especially tell your enemies.  If you bring your enemies to the gig, the awkward silences will mean people pay more attention to me, and after all, isn't attention-seeking what music is all about?

My band The Solution also has a gig coming up, also at Irish.  It's our long awaited comeback tour, otherwise known as our second gig.  We've had a long time without gigs or practice, and we're all gagging to get back into it.  Please come along to that too, and justify our existence :)

In other music news, the EP is coming along well - we've had more recording time, and I think we might be approaching the halfway mark.  Hopefully over the next couple of months we'll get enough time to knock most of it off.  I'll get to putting the first completed song on here sometime soon!

And while we're talking about music, I woke up with a song in my head this morning.  This is about the third time this has happened.  I'm hopeful, generally when this happens I end up with a song I really like!

Finally, if you want to avoid the actual human interaction in this blog and just see what's happening musically, you can use (or give your friends) this link:


  1. .... <--- awkward silence (hey, what's that song?!)

  2. Interesting covers? McArthurs Park? yay

  3. I'd love to come...if only to throw things at you and burn your hat! lol