Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas posting

Hello, my few faithful followers! (and the more common faithless ones)

I've been spending the last week waiting impatiently on the results of a job interview, checking email and my phone compulsively every few minutes just in case they've contacted me.  I've been sorely tempted to call them up and see if any progress has been made on the decision, but have managed to hold off so far.  I think I'll probably crack and check for news before I leave to spend Christmas with my girlfriend's family on Thursday - I'd rather not spend time stressing over whether I've got the job or not when I should be relaxing.  People seem to be divided on whether checking post-interview is a good idea or not... I suspect it's probably for the best to leave it where possible, as you'd expect to hear about it if you've got the job at least, and checking isn't going to change the result!

Musically, I've been working on new songs lately.  I can't really do anything towards the upcoming EP at the moment as my producer is away on holidays.  However, I have been working on getting some cover art with a very talented artist who just so happens to be the bassist in The Solution, the band I play in!  Expect to see previews of the cover art and music from the EP in the new year.

One thing I will reveal though, is my working title for the EP - I'm thinking of calling it "Windows to the Soul". I hope it doesn't sound like I'm taking myself too seriously, or sounds too emo, or anything like that... simply put, it's the only name that's stuck so far.  So that's most likely what it will be called, unless I get an outpouring of hatred towards the name - of course, the customer is always right ;)

I did a quick Google search just now and found that someone else has also used that title.  However, I don't think anyone's going to confuse my music with contemporary Christian music, so I should be pretty safe!  Oh someone else used it too... a DJ.  Yep, still safe.

Anyway, that's me for 2010 - hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas!

Enjoy this picture of a fluorescent hyperferret.


  1. FHF lives!





  2. Looking forward to seeing previews of cover art!

  3. I like the title! So +1 for customers :)