Wednesday, December 8, 2010


As a change of pace from the maths post, and in an attempt to win back people I may have scared off... ;)

I had a gig last night!  It was my third solo gig at Irish, and as usual all the other performers were intimidatingly good.  But I think I'm developing as a performer - the nerves and fear about getting up on stage aren't quite so paralysing as they were a couple of years ago, that's for sure!

I'm doing some recording of the best stuff I've written so far, with good friend Dave acting as producer (and featuring heavily with instruments and backing vocals!).  It's going well enough that I'm thinking of releasing the recordings as an EP, hopefully to be released early next year.

I'm considering at some point putting a track or two on here for people to listen to, as they are churned out. I'm keen on the idea of musicians giving their music away for free, but asking for donations or people buying their solid-format music in return.  I figure if something's popular enough, it'll be pirated in any case (I'm not expecting that to happen with my stuff anyway!).  And having your music spread around is a great way to drum up publicity, and thus people who are likely to actually look out for you, attend your gigs, and buy your stuff!

So what do people think?  Would you like me to put something up?


  1. OMG yes! I would LOVE you to put something up :D preferably a rendition of 'McArthur's Park' featuring you, Dave and George but :P :P

  2. Well you might be waiting a while for that particular song but hopefully I'll be able to put something up here relatively soon, we shall see!