Friday, December 10, 2010


I've only been blogging for a month now but am already getting into the blogger's obsessive mindspace of making it all pretty and readable for people, and making it easy for people to get involved.  On that note, you now don't have to have an account to comment, don't know why I had it set that way in the first place... sorry!

I've even linked it in a couple of places, most notably my facebook page.  I know a few friends have dropped in here from facebook... and wow, I just looked at the stats counter for this site.  76 pageviews yesterday, I'm pretty sure I didn't check in myself that many times...

So don't hesitate to comment, even if it's to tell me that I was completely wrong (I've already had a few interesting disagreements with friends on Ten Things I Wish Were Invented Already), or suggest something actually interesting to write about.  It's easier to comment now, so if you didn't bother before, you can now, with your very own Cloak of Anonymity*!  And it lets me know that people are actually reading this thing.  I admit, I can be an attention-seeker sometimes ;)

Also, kudos to whoever provided the six eight pageviews from Mac users.  Oh and one from an iPhone, well aren't you fancy!

* It gives +2 to potential douchery... just be careful in case I set the Banhammer on your ass!


  1. ... meta comment.

    This is my comment on your meta blog.

  2. I am making a meta-meta-comment by commenting about your meta-comment.

    I'll stop now.