Saturday, March 10, 2012

Updates of a musical note

Sigh. I couldn't resist the pun in the title. I neglect you for nine months and this is how I repay you - my poor, masochistic audience.

Due to thesis finishing, my musical pretensions were put almost completely on hold until recently. However, I plan to correct that with a vengeance. Find below my evil plans!

Though I haven't had a lot of time as mentioned, even so EP preparations have continued in dribs and drabs and we're now at the stage where we (by which I mean Dave) have collected enough material to put together all the tracks! This is not a promise that it will be done really soon. This is music production: there's almost certain to be something that we didn't notice before and have to fix, and these things always take longer than you'd think (also, truth be told, we're both lazy) - but things are happening. If people are still interested, I could put another track up here - a couple of others besides Longest Night have been mixed down. These are the tracks of the EP (in no particular order):

Green Eyes
Longest Night (already up)
Survive You
Didn't Know
The Garden

So vote for the one you want to see on here :)

As far as new stuff, I haven't done much songwriting for a long time, but there are a lot of songs that I wrote or partly-wrote a while ago to work on. So maybe I could write another EP! Or at least, have material for gigs and bands and so forth.

Speaking of bands... there's bad news and good news. The bad news is, The Solution's talented drummer George Begbie has left the band to concentrate on his own musical ambitions. Considering the amazing stuff he's coming up with, we'd be committing a crime against music to hold him back (go see him play, he's awesome) - it's not a tabloid magazine acrimonious breakup, and we're not plotting his death any more than we already were when the band was together ;)

The good news is, this is by no means the end of the band - myself and vocalist/guitarist/bassist Ariel Pascoe are still keen to keep things going and have finally gotten back into rehearsing. Soon we'll be gracing Elizabeth Mall with our presence for some acoustic busking sets, and after that... who knows? We have a potential new drummer lined up, so watch this space.

On a slightly different note (there I go again), I've been considering joining a choir for a while - it's always looked like great fun and good practice for ear and voice, which I think will be very useful to self-taught little me! I went to the Open Night of the Tasmanian Song Company and quite enjoyed myself - so I'm thinking of joining up. Would be interested to hear peoples' thoughts!

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