Thursday, June 7, 2012

Didn't Know (aka the Duck Song)

Thanks everyone for your support and comments while I tried out this new gimmick to drum up interest! Voting has now closed and the clear winner was Didn't Know, one of my most often-played songs recently!

Didn't Know - 6 votes
Green Eyes - 3 votes
The Garden - 1 vote
Survive You - 1 vote

The very simple riff for this song entered my head in a dream, and persisted after I woke up... I managed to play it on a guitar, and then all I needed to do was add lyrics. I really had trouble with this part of the process, and ended up putting in some placeholder lyrics about an "omnipotent duck" to try and move things along. I fully intended to change them for something more serious later on, but my girlfriend insisted they stay... and so has basically everyone else who's heard the song so far. When recording, I gave Dave completely free rein and told him to add as much messed-up stuff as possible - I think he's done an amazing job of that :)

So here it is - enjoy!

... oh. I guess you want to know who won the free copy of the EP. Well, I used my magical random number generator, and the winner was... Ariel Pascoe (whose fine vocals you'll see featured on the final cut of the EP!). But she's already getting a free copy, so I ran it again and the winner is the first voter, who I happen to know is the infamous IriXx Jorvik! She's planning to write a remix for "the duck song" so I think it's very fitting that she wins the free EP. Congratulations!

More news will be coming up soon, so stay tuned! Who knows, if you're lucky I'll even release another track before the EP launch and give away another copy!

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