Monday, June 4, 2012

Return of the prodigal EP

Hey peeps!

As my regular followers know, I like to play music and have been slowly putting together an EP of my own songs over the course of the last couple of years. I'm excited to announce that it's nearly done, and I'll hopefully be launching it later this year!

We have a relatively polished version of each of the tracks, and I'd like to put one of them on here - but I'll let you decide which. I've already posted one of them (Longest Night), but there are four previously unaired tracks left to choose from:

Green Eyes
Survive You
Didn't Know
The Garden

Just mention which track you'd like to hear in the comments below, and after a few days (or once I get enough interest) I'll choose the track with the most comments to publish here on the blog! Just to keep things interesting, I'll randomly choose one of the responses to win a free copy of my EP :) So what have you got to lose?

(Note: if the site won't let you post a comment, try anonymous mode!)


  1. I'll put in a vote for the Duck Song aka Didn't Know!

  2. i vote Green Eyes.

  3. Gotta be Green Eyes :)

    Keep them coming!

  4. I vote for 'the Duck Song' which I think is wrongly displayed here as Didn't Know' :) happy picking - Gareth

  5. Not sure, I mean didn't know :)